Lovely Loops Crochet/Boutique is all about creating quality, unique, and special gifts for all who celebrate art and creativity. If you are looking for something special, that can be enjoyed for years to come, then a beautiful, unique, handmade creation is just what you’re searching for, and you have certainly come to the right place! So welcome! In my creative process, I always consider quality, style, beauty and functionality because I want my creations to be something that others will cherish and enjoy. Some of my creations are design originals, meaning I did not follow a pattern to make them. I can make something very similar to the design again but there will be some variations. My process is very fluid and spontaneous, I find inspiration in variety of places, so I get caught up in the creative process and just follow my creative flow. Since the crochet items offered in Lovely Loops Boutique are handmade, there is usually only one item in stock at a time, therefore custom orders are offered items so that you can order a certain item (excluding one-of-a-kind items where it is not possible to obtain the same materials i.e. discontinued yarn) that is out of stock and choose a different color or color combination if you desire, or you may choose a different design altogether. To ensure that your custom order is just what you have envisioned, I offer free, up to 15-minute consultations either online or by phone before starting your custom order so we can briefly discuss what you are looking for in your custom-made item.

So, please go ahead and explore the site and feel free to contact me with any questions, you will find my contact information at the bottom of the home page. Thanks for taking the time to visit Lovely Loops Boutique. Enjoy!

*Prices may vary on custom orders depending on the specifications of the customer.